12.5 Shopping Day

I decided to go grocery shopping this morning between dropping the kids off at school and starting my work day. I am doing much better at sticking to my list and I think it’s saving us some money at the checkout. Now I always shop with my meal plan because it helps me visualize my sides. I also don’t write everything down and seeing the menu reminds me what extras I need to buy. Here’s my list:


Yes, I know my handwriting is terrible. I don’t write down everything (milk, eggs, applesauce, cookies, etc). But today I spent $142 – I always cheer when I’m below $200, so hip hip hooray! I may have to go back for chicken because I felt guilty buying more than five things of chicken at once. I probably could have asked the butcher to bring out some more sale packages, but I was in a hurry. Some of the money I spent on things will turn into gifts for others (Greenwise cookie dough will be cookies for school, baking soda will be bath salt for gifts), so really we will be eating for less than what I spent and I will feel less guilty if I need to go back and buy more in a day or two. I feel pretty good about this shopping day!

Italian dressing was on my list to be used in crockpot chicken, but I couldn’t find Italian in the organic/more natural condiment section, so I didn’t buy any. Instead, I’m going to season with a BBQ spice mix, put in the crockpot with some water so the chicken doesn’t dry out, and let it cook until I can easily shred. Then, when we’re ready to eat we can mix BBQ sauce (Weber’s) into the chicken and make sandwiches. This is the same process I use for pork BBQ sandwiches. For the chicken tortilla soup, I’m going to use boneless skinless chicken thighs because they were $3.99/lb. I don’t really like dark meat and I hate cutting off the extra fat in thighs, but I’m going to experiment and see how the soup turns out. I’ll just add extra cheese and chips to mine if I don’t like. 🙂

For the turkey sausage alfredo (tonight) I bought Aidell’s cajun chicken sausage. They were on sale and the sausage is nitrate free. Al Fresco (I think) is another brand I use, but these were cheaper today. *UPDATE: The dish was good, but next time I will either use more sausage, or less pasta. I sauteed the sausage and frozen peas (sausage was cut into pieces beforehand), then added the half/half and some cajun Wildtree seasoning. I let the mixture boil then took it off the heat and grated in some parm cheese, mixed, and mixed in the pasta. The sauce was a little thin so it didn’t evenly coat the pasta; here’s where some roux  making skill would be nice. But, overall the dish was a good, easy weeknight meal.

Breakfast for the weekend is my favorite french toast casserole from the Pioneer Woman. Last time I reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup (left out brown sugar) and it was much better. I use whatever bread is on sale at the bakery (big, crusty dinner/hamburger rolls today) and use whatever milk I have (skim, 1%) and then I add half/half instead of cream. Do you see a pattern here? It will give us two full breakfasts and have leftovers for a few days after.


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