12.4 – 12.11

Chicken is on sale again at Publix this week. YAY!

Why so much chicken this coming week? I meal plan around the meat on sale, and I am selective about the kind of meat I buy. I’m not too enthused about the other meat choices on sale, so I’m only buying Greenwise chicken and turkey sausage (that will be the one exception to my sale rule, but it won’t be too expensive and I can stretch it by mixing with pasta).

Thursday: I don’t have enough chicken for chicken parm tomorrow, so we’re having random food from the fridge. BBQ pork, cereal, quesadillas, whatever floats boats.

Friday: I saw this recipe in one of my magazines (probably Cooking Light) and it looks easy and yummy. Going to look for turkey sausage. Sausage alfredo.

Saturday: Grilled chicken sandwiches. I will marinate them overnight with some leftover BBQ seasoning I have and olive oil.

Sunday: Steak and chimichurri (I have some frozen steaks from last week).

Monday: Crockpot chicken sandwiches

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: Chicken parm from my favorite make ahead book, Don’t Panic More Dinner’s in the Freezer. After I buy the chicken, I will shred the cheese, mix with spices and olive oil, rub all over the chicken and freeze. Then, set the oven to turn on to cook chicken while I’m out picking up the kids (I recently discovered the oven has a timer so I can program the oven to turn on at a specific time and cook for a certain length of time).

Thursday: Chicken tortilla soup. Cornbread, if I have time to make during the week.


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