11.29 – 12.4

Since last week was Thanksgiving week, I did my planning on Friday evening and shopping on Saturday during the kids’ nap time. This week, Publix has its Greenwise chicken on sale. Greenwise doesn’t mean organic, but I think it’s better than other brands. When chicken goes on sale, all our meals for the week revolve around chicken, and sometimes I buy extra to freeze. Sunday, 11.30 was the exception because that was Dad’s birthday.

Saturday: Breaded chicken. Chicken breasts dipped in egg wash and panko crumbs, pan fried in olive oil.

Sunday: Top sirloin steak with homemade chimichuri sauce (recipe courtesy of my FIL). Fried potatoes.

Monday: Chicken alfredo. This was a big hit last week and I made it with monterey jack cheese (grabbed accidentally), and Parmesano Regiano. Making the alfredo sauce is the only difficult part, and it’s only difficult because I’m not very good at making a roux. My sauce is always lumpy so I’m obviously not doing something right. But, in a casserole it doesn’t matter (well, maybe to food critics, but not to us). I left out the salt because the cheese is pretty salty and I worry about too much salt for the baby (I ended up salting mine, and I generally don’t mind low sodium). Leftovers get a little rubbery in the microwave, but it makes enough for two dinners for the family, two lunches for the baby and a snack for husband.

Tuesday: Leftover chicken alfredo.

Wednesday: Chicken tacos. I already sliced the chicken, sprinkled with this fajita seasoning, and put in the freezer. I will cook the chicken in the skillet before doing school pick-up. We will have crunchy taco shells with an avocado/tomato pico de gallo. *Update – The chicken tasted really bland, maybe because I froze the chicken with the spice rub? Need to try something else.

Thursday: Chicken parmesan or breaded chicken again


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