Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to Good Lookin’ Home Cookin’, a blog dedicated to outlining our weekly meals, and recipes I try for other meals and snacks. It will describe my triumphs and failures in the experimental kitchen.

I have been meal planning off and on for years throughout my marriage, but it has become increasingly more important as food prices go up, I opt for pricier organic/non-GMO food, and my two boys and husband continue having hearty appetites. Watching my 10 month baby eat more than I do made me realize I need to consistently plan meals for four, and make extra for a lunch or two. Since the beginning of November 2014 I have been consistently meal planning every Wednesday after the Publix store circular comes out (I do 95% of our food shopping at Publix because it’s a beautiful store, I know where everything is, I like their store brand and the people there are wonderful). I plan on Wednesday evening, and shop on Thursday evening, or later in the week if I’m head of schedule food-wise. I try hard to be organized, but I have a love hate relationship with menu planning. I don’t like planning, but taking 30 minutes to plan and write my grocery list saves me stress and time later. My goal is always to do one big shopping trip a week, but usually I end up making another trip to get diapers, OJ, or bananas. Or beer. And milk. And oh yeah, we need cheese. So, the once a week trip usually doesn’t happen, but it’s always my goal.

This isn’t a “food blog” full of pretty pictures and witty language. I probably won’t have pictures, unless I am particularly proud of something. Or, if I want to document an epic fail so I can laugh later. So what’s the point of this blog? First, over the last month I have found I can’t remember what recipes I’ve tried, which ones I liked, and which ones I want to do again with modifications. This will serve as a memory jog for me. Second, I thought it might be fun years from now to look back and see what I cooked when the kids were little and we were both working. Finally, I hope this blog will be helpful to someone who is looking for some new recipes or meal planning ideas. I know I’m always searching for new things to try. Each week I will post our menu and include the links to the recipes, since 70% of my recipes come from online sources. I probably won’t post our sides, unless I try something new. Mostly our sides consist of a combination of fruit/salad/rice/potatoes/garlic bread. I will try to avoid using the term “real food.” I hate that term, even though we generally adhere to that…genre? Theory? Whatever. I use a lot of organic ingredients and when I use short cuts I use things with the fewest ingredients as possible, and I pay attention to those ingredients.

So, now to get my blog on!


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